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R55 Rotator
Rotation: Unlimited in either direction Max Load: 12,100 lb. Max Working Pressure: 3600 psi Torque: 1180 ft. lb/2900 psi Weight: 66 lb. Has pin to fit grapple hanger with hole of: 1 3/8"
The distance across the bolt holes is 6 13/16”.  The bolt diameter is 5/8”, or 16mm.
Type A) Width of block on top of the rotator
B) Pinhole diameter through rotator
C) Axle diameter
D) Pinhole diameter to fasten grapple to rotator
R55 2.874 (73 mm) 1 1/8" (30 mm)
N/A 12 "
JIC 16
Rotators with Flanges